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Strawberry Morning

The Last Grab

As the twin engine Dash 8 slowly climbed above the beautiful valley I sorely looked down upon a river that I’d just walked out of before having to head to the airport to catch my flight. It will be another year, if I’m fortunate, before I’ll cast a fly here, wander these valleys, gaze upon these towering mountain peaks and…

Mike on Fence

Ode to Mike Lawson

I’m a little out of sorts when it comes to flies.  I know I’m not alone with this obsession. I tie, I buy, I hoard, I covet and I’m even somewhat superstitious about some of them. I’m driven to the point of being paranoid of not having the right fly for the often challenging and…

Morning Rollers

A Friends Journey

The ocean before us glowed as the horizon  swallowed the setting sun.  After a short run out of Key West we idled over an amber colored mirror as a tarpon slowly rolled up ahead on the approaching flat.  Jeffrey asked if I could pole a boat as he killed the engine.  Not wanting to sound like a total…

Argentina Sunset

Lets Begin

I feel guilty for not posting to Schmidt’s Walkabouts for some time now, especially given my son’s contribution to encourage my efforts. For Christmas in 2016 he updated my blog to its present format.  If you’re new to my blog, welcome, but for those who have read a few of my past posts I think you’ll…

Kyle Weber

Glass is not Dead

Lately in the social media ‘Glass is Not Dead” is a common hash tag that’s used regarding the recent resurgence of fiberglass fly rods. I know that since I’ve used it with some frequency as of late. Long before this phrase became popular in fly-fishing circles I have been an advocate for the benefits of fishing with…

Jimmy V

Jimmy “V”

The other day I got a call from Jim Vincent; one of this industries more innovative personalities, a great stick regardless of species, and at one time a prolific writer.  Fortuitously I had him queued up for my next Throwback article after I came across this photo I took of him bowing while fast to…


The Hat

If you fish you have hats.  Hats for fishing, hats for wearing out, and then there is that growing pile of hats that remind you of place and time you don’t want to forget.  My old Resistol is one of those hats, one that I still have, yet one that these days just keeps a…


Victory for the Skeena Watershed

“We did it” proclaims The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition header on their web-site. A decade long battle to preserve the Sacred Headwaters ended favorably 12-18-2012.  Couldn’t think of better Holiday gift.  As the Coalition proclaims in their press release; “Coalbed methane development to be permanently banned from headwaters of major salmon rivers VANCOUVER – The B.C….

river green

An Environmental Fiscal Cliff

Before the Senate this December, among other stuff, is the Sportsman Heritage Act; a “Fiscal Cliff” of its own regarding the impact this bill will have on wilderness, wildlife and the outdoor experience. Fortunately given the significance of fiscal matters before the Senate they may not have an opportunity to put this controversial bill on…


It Ain’t Easy

I began this piece in August fresh from the showroom floor kicking it in a cheesie hotel room trashed like all who attended three days of Fly Tackle Dealer in Reno somewhat perplexed. For over two decades I’ve attended our industry trade show.  It’s always left me with a renewed enthusiasm for our industry, its…


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